We welcome everyone to participate in the activities of The Cows Foundation so together we can support and uphold the lives of many, many cows.

  • If you have a farm or wish to create one, you can incorporate these sustainable practices.
  • If you do not have a farm but you have land, you can invite cows to live on your land, sustaining and enriching your soil.
  • If you don’t have land, you can contribute financially to The Cows Foundation
  • We warmly welcome all skills, talents, and ideas for fulfilling this great endeavor – it is a collective enterprise.

Some areas needing expansion:

  • Promoting the Cows Foundation
  • Creating videos and slide shows for presentations
  • Inspiring farmers to adopt the principles of The Cows Foundation
  • Developing social media
  • Writing articles and/or a monthly newsletter
  • Fundraising
  • Setting up a cow sanctuary
  • Researching the history of cow care for a future webpage