Neelesh, in the center of the photo, is relaxing in the pasture.

Gentle Giant
Neelesh is doing very well at our sanctuary!
Neelesh has embraced his role as the leader of the herd, especially after his grandmother (Kavita) and mother (Choti Tara) passed away.
Neelesh, on the right, with Kavita.
Neelesh LOVES apples! He will come around the barn during milking times, not the place he needs to be, just to see if he can charm us into giving him some treats.
Neelesh and Hemakesha are good friends! They grew up together and represent 2 of the 3 boys at the Sanctuary (Littleman being the 3rd boy). Although they’re close friends, Hemakesha recognizes Neelesh as the herd’s leader.

Thank you for making Neelesh’s life at our sanctuary possible!