Aging Gracefully

Dear Supporters of Shanti,

Shanti is now 16 years old and we wanted to let you know that she is showing signs of her age. Cows can naturally live from 15 – 20+ years.

Shanti has arthritis and is having a hard time keeping up with the other cows. The photo above shows an occasion when Shanti had a challenging time getting up after resting. Shanti did get up but this reminds us that she is getting older. Shanti has been kept separate from the younger cows so she doesn’t have to worry about being bumped. The sanctuary is making sure that she remains close to her daughter and granddaughter.

Shanti still likes to stand out in the rain and snow and chew her cud.

In the photo above, Krsangi, Shanti’s daughter, is supporting Shanti after a difficult day. Cows are SO loving and supportive.

With heartfelt appreciation for your continued support of Shanti.