Her name is Lisabella. She was named for a special young donor who, out of love for all animals and delight in naming them, offered the savings from her piggy bank to adopt Lisabella.

Lisabella is an absolute delight! She learned to stand, walk, and run immediately, albeit a little bit wobbly at first. Already she knows her way around and is confident with her mother’s love. She is also very good at doing what her mom Moos her to do, be it walk by her side, stay with another cow so mother can off and graze, or rest in the pasture.

Lisabella was born free in the pasture around 4:15 pm on August 15.

With her birth we focus on bringing awareness of cows and their special giving, loving, and wise nature to all generations to help transform the care of cows everywhere on Earth.

Lisabella is a calf who was born into sanctuary and named in honor of Candrise, a young woman who knew animals deserve kindness and compassion.

We inspire everyone to celebrate the birth of Lisabella and join in donating toward her care and securing her future and the future of many more cows. We will keep posting pictures on our social media.

May all cows know kindness and compassion, growing up close to their mothers, nursing freely, with access to pasture, and the right to live out their full lives in peace.