Giving Tuesday is a wonderful opportunity to give to The Cows Foundation and support the great need for transformation in the lives of cows everywhere. Your donation will:

  • Expand our mission to transform the lives of as many cows as possible by advocating that all calves remain with their mothers and nurse freely, and all cows are able to graze freely and live out their full lives with kind and compassionate care.
  • Fulfill our goal to feed and support as many cows as possible in sanctuaries and dairies who practice our four principals. It’s winter time and they will be eating hay you give them!
  • Maintain our demonstration sanctuary where we can show people happy, healthy cows and how they naturally behave when treated well.
  • Uphold the principle to allow all cows to live out their full lives in dignity, under kind and compassionate care. We are currently caring for two elder cows in the Soma Gosala sanctuary. Gopi is the eldest of the herd, a freemartin. And Choti was the first calf born at the sanctuary. Both are so dear to everyone here, cows and people alike, and we are doing everything we can to compassionately support them.
  • Jane Goodall once said cows are one of the most overlooked creatures in the world. Born into the agricultural-industrial complex, most cows are kept inside their entire lives. After giving birth, their calves are taken away and the cows are simply seen as milking machines for maximum profit. This is unacceptable—change is needed. People are waking up— not only to the inhumanity of factory farming but also to the massive impact is has on climate change. TCF is dedicated to being an instrument of change for the lives of all cows and through that example all beings.

Donating on Giving Tuesday will help expand this mission in many ways. Thank you to everyone who has stood in support of the vision of The Cows Foundation in creating a world where cows are treated with kindness and compassion. We believe that a world that is kinder and more compassionate to cows is a world where everyone knows more kindness and compassionate.


Choti Tara is an elder cow at the Soma Gosala Sanctuary. She and the eldest cow, Gopi, receive extra care and supplements to support their strength as they live out their whole lives with compassionate care.


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