Dear Friends of The Cow Foundation,

Hi, it’s Priya (the cow that has a book written about her)!  I wanted to let you know that my family and the herd are doing well.

Here is my sweet daughter, Dhanya!

All who adopt a cow will be sent a separate email with pictures of your special cow. This newsletter is to tell everyone how we all are doing.

We’re all out on pasture.  We graze on an old 9 acre golf course (not used for golf in 50 years).  We enjoy all sorts of grass, blueberry bushes and some apple trees.  A large gathering of pines gives us shelter from heat and rain.  We love hiding out there!

This last spring, our two eldest cows, Kavita and Choti Tara, passed on. Neelesh, their son and grandson, has been our herd’s leader for the last few years. He had relied on their support and has been making a big adjustment in their absence.

We all felt at a loss without them. They had been our foundation for so long.  It took 1-2 months to completely adjust as a herd. The whole experience has brought us much closer together. The division that had been there with family groups seems to dissolve and we move and stay together as one family.

We all are very appreciative of the support that comes for our well-being. Thank you so very much!

If you have not seen it, do visit our Celebrate page,, where you can share the joy of feeding or adopting a cow for someone on their birthday or other special occasion.

All the very best to you,