Hasita – Friendly and Independent
Hasita is doing so well at our sanctuary!
It’s touching to see how Hasita has become more out-going and social over time!
Hasita, the daughter of Priya, is independent and a bit cautious like her mother. As Priya was rescued from a farm, at first she tended to be a bit wary (Priya had her first calf taken away from her).
With the wonderful care Hasita receives each day at the sanctuary, over time, Hasita has felt more comfortable and has started to extend herself and socialize with the other cows.
Your ongoing support makes such a difference in Hasita’s life!
Hasita enjoying the warmth of the barn!
The principles of The Cows Foundation are clearly felt and greatly appreciated by the cows. It’s so heartfelt to witness the change in our cows with every year they spend with us.
Thank you for making Hasita’s life at our sanctuary possible.