We write today with best wishes for the New Year ahead and to share an update on TCF’s progress and vision for the coming year.

As you may recall, 2019 was our Year of Expansion and we are very excited to share some of the highlights of our very expansive year as we progress forward into the promises of 2020! Highlights of our progress include:

  • Established a home office and on-boarded a Director of Expansion
  • Finalized our brand, logo, and updated our website
  • Built an audience of over 1,000 engaged cow lovers who enjoy our regular newsletter, blog posts and social media presence (follow our links at the bottom!)
  • Crowd funded almost $4,000 to support the construction of a hay barn at the Soma Gosala Sanctuary. This is a big deal as it will save the sanctuary $6,000 annually by allowing the sanctuary to get their hay from their neighbor right next door. Now they can store enough hay for the whole winter, eliminating costly delivery fees and the challenges of sourcing hay mid-winter when it’s scarce
  • Our Adopt a Cow Program underwent two revision processes and is now easier than ever for people to join, plus we launched new donation gateways, including Amazon Smile, GoFundMe, and Facebook Fundraisers
  • The Iowa Source featured an in-depth Q&A with TCF Founder and President, Katherine, about the origins of the foundation
  • We created lovely greeting cards from Debby Henning’s illustrations from the book Through the Eyes of Priya, the sale of which helps support cows

In the year ahead, our vision is to continue to expand the awareness and adoption of the principles of The Cows Foundation as well as support their implementation for the well-being of many more cows. Specific initiatives include:

  • Outreach to like-minded individuals and all organizations dedicated to increasing humanity and peace in our world in order to raise the support necessary in manifesting the goals of The Cows Foundation
  • Establish a sanctuary for bull calves, allowing dairy farmers to produce ahimsa milk and milk products where no harm is caused in the production of the dairy. Right now, it is not economically feasible for even the most humane dairies to keep the bulls. We will work to find a way.
  • Inspire research on the quality of milk from dairy that comes from cows who live in accordance with TCF’s principles as well as research the healing properties of cow derivatives
  • Hire new staff with the commitment, inspiration and skills to spread and implement the principles of TCF
  • Inspire volunteers in all areas of the US and world to represent The Cows Foundation
  • Network with existing sanctuaries to see how we can help them expand the number of cows they care for
  • Increase funding to support many more cows
  • Educate & Inspire!

And a special New Year shout out to the awesome volunteers who stepped up to support the cows this year — whether it was tabling at events, preparing and distributing our marketing materials, or recording amazing footage for our YouTube Channel (stay tuned!), THANK YOU! And if you’re interested in volunteering, let us know!

From all of us at The Cows Foundation, and on behalf of the cows that we are able to help, thank you for your continued engagement and support of the foundation.

We rely on our donors to fulfill the vision of The Cows Foundation, where all cows live out their full lives in peace, with compassionate love and care, and we are so grateful to you all!

Happy New Year!!!