In this time of great compassion and transformation within society, with many isolated in their homes, we are happy to share with you uplifting, informational and fantastic footage of happy, healthy cow families. It is our hope that in this time of realization that we are one family here on Earth together, every aspect of our planet, including the humble cow, will be reevaluated in more loving, compassionate ways.  May all life everywhere live in full dignity, creating a healthier and wiser world.

With this hope, we have published a new video to launch our YouTube Channel featuring Hasita, a mother cow, in search of her newborn calf. It’s wonderful to watch Hasita express maternal concern as she looks for her missing calf. Without giving away the ending, I’ll let you know it’s a happy one and a lot of fun to have some insight into the everyday thrills of life at the Soma Gosala Sanctuary in the search for a newborn calf.

Here’s a short film from the sanctuary. See the sanctuary staff and mother cow, Hasita, in action!

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Visual story telling is a powerful medium to convey the true, sensitive nature of cows. The cow in this video clearly is concerned for and seeking her newborn. Let’s work together to raise awareness of the sensitive nature of cows and all farm animals to foster a compassionate, ahimsa future for all beings on Earth.

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Lastly, it’s with gratitude we share that this first video was organized by a volunteer. It takes a lot of work to shoot and edit films, and it’s gratifying to work together with cow enthusiasts in building The Cows Foundation. Thank you to our volunteers and to all for your ongoing support of the cows and The Cows Foundation. We’re very glad to be on the same team, working together to build a kinder, more compassionate life for cows and all of us here on Earth.

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