New Year Greetings from The Cows Foundation!

We are happy to report that 2018 was a supportive year for The Cows Foundation as we move forward in helping as many cows as possible. We launched an adopt a cows program, expanded our Board of Advisors, updated our website, moved into a new office space, helped promote a beautiful book about cows, and hired both a Director of Expansion and Director of Cow Care.

2019 is The Year of Expansion for The Cows Foundation

We are networking with sanctuaries, like-minded organizations and farmers throughout the country to promote the principles of The Cows Foundation and find homes for retiring or rescued cows. We’re working to establish a model farm that follows the four principles of The Cows Foundation and finding ways that bull calves and retired cows can help support themselves.

Illustration from Through the Eyes of Priya by Carol Davey, illustrated by Deborah Henning

We see in the future there will be a market for what we can call Ahimsa Milk. Ahimsa means non-violent. We hope to design a program where by following the principles of The Cows Foundation, farmers provide milk without causing harm to any cow or calf in its production.

We are dedicated to helping cows and there are many ways you can join us!

  • Adopt a cow as a gift for a friend of love one
  • Make an easy, tax deductible donation
  • Purchase a copy of Through the Eyes of Priya, a delightful book with extraordinary illustrations
  • Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities

We are at the sprouting stage and we’d love creative, thoughtful minds and kind hearts to come and support the expansion of this venture. We also welcome you and those you may inspire to offer financial support – the key to saving many cows. We are now on social media and look forward to keeping you all informed. Thank you for your support!

Do be in touch.


Trustee & President