Most people don’t know, but cows are social creatures capable of lifelong relationships. They appreciate music and they love to cuddle and nuzzle! Most cows are curious about other animals and, when given the chance, they love exploring the world around them. Many humans appreciate cows from a distance because they provide popular food products— taking a closer look, though, you find there are many more reasons to love these sensitive and caring creatures, including:​


Cows are intellectual.

They enjoy a mental challenge and, just like humans, they become excited when they solve problems. Cows understand the relationship between cause and effect and have been known to unlock their stalls when no one is watching!


They remember.

Even after long periods of time, cows recognize faces and remember peoples’ treatment toward them (so it’s best to be nice!). Even more, they remember where things are, including the best grazing spots, food and shelter, and, importantly, where their calves are.


Cows have a complex social hierarchy. 

Similarly to wolf packs, cow herds have complex social dynamics. Each cow is able to recognize more than 50 members in a herd and relationships are important. Alpha cows are nominated for their intelligence, curiosity, self-confidence, and experience while brawny, selfish and pushy cows are generally not elected by the herd for leadership.


Cows are Loving and Forgiving. 

Cows enjoy loving touch such as a belly rub or ear scratch. They appreciate praise and affection. Cows can even learn to trust humans again after being abused. They are just incredible.


Mothers share a sacred bond with their calves. 

From the moment a calf is born, their mother is attentive, protective, and encouraging. Cows will call and search frantically for calves that have been taken away. The quintessential nourishers, cows will even allow their calves to nurse for three years or more!


Cows live a long time.

Cows live for an average of 20 years when they’re not raised for food. And they want to live! There are amazing accounts of cows’ attempts to escape slaughter. Those remarkable stories deserve their own article!


Cows have an expansive vocabulary. 

While we all know cows go moo, they also communicate through complex facial expressions and body language. And some cows sing! We know a cow, Gopi, aka the singing freemartin, who will bellow and coo in a range of volumes and tones as though she’s singing to herself. It is beautiful and primal.


Oh yeah, and they’re ADORABLE!


As you can see, there are so many reasons to love and appreciate cows. A friend shared with me recently that within the first few days of owning his first cow, he immediately understood why there are people in the world who have such devotion to cows. He said he could feel the cow’s wisdom, depth and grace just by being near her.

If you want to spend time with a cow and feel the special energy their presence offers, consider visiting an animal sanctuary where you live. If you’d like to support cows living out their full lives in peace with compassionate care, please help support The Cows Foundation by adopting one of our cows or making a donation. All support is appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!

The Cows Foundation