The Soma Gosala sanctuary follows the principles of The Cows Foundation. Here, there are generations of mothers and calves who demostrate the expression of love in family and community. From the moment a calf is born the mother cow devotes her full loving attention to them. The mother licks the newborn from head to toe, patiently leads them to her udder for milk, and protects the calf in every way.

The special love shared between the mother and her calf is expressed in her milk. She produces copious, nourishing nectar for the calf. At this sanctuary, after the calves have their fill, the remaining milk is used to make a very special product called Moo-Matri Ksheer Bala Massage Oil.


On this day celebrating love, we want to share with you the possibility of enjoying this mother cow’s love through this Ksheer Bala Massage Oil. This oil is highly valued for nourishing, strengthening and rejuvenating the whole physiology. It helps relieve tension, stress and promotes overall well being. Its moisturizing, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

We look forward to sharing more stories from other sanctuaries which follow the principles of The Cows Foundation.

We send out loving best from all of us and the cows!

The Cows Foundation